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2PAx makes it effortless

Now you can be spontaneous again.

2PAx knows which nearby restaurants have a table for you. Tap any table that's available and it’s yours.

Are you a host?

Finally, a platform that will help you to do real-time bookings. With 2PAx you can optimise capacity in the most effective way.

You can use 2PAx with your current setup or as a standalone booking and floor management app.

2PAx works on all devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 2PAx?

Two pax is the standard term in hospitality industry for 2 persons approximately.

2PAx connects diners in the moment they seek a table, with restaurants who have space but no effective way of broadcasting it, in real-time via an immersive algorithm.

The app says there are no restaurants available near me, why?

We’re currently working with restaurants in Central London only. As soon as restaurants in your area sign up they will show up in your app. If you have restaurants that you’d love to have on 2PAx let us know and we’ll do our best to bring them onboard.

Customer support

Have you got any questions on how to use the 2PAx app? Get in touch on Twitter or send us an email to support@2pax.com